Tenah4Tenah4 was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL until he moved to Orlando then GA his 10th grade year. He has been recording and producing his own music since 2003. After graduting from high school in Lithonia, GA he pursuited the college route deciding to attend Albany State Univ. After his freshman year his grades and behavior were not fit for the University lifestyle. He then returned to Jacksonville, Fl got a job and worked as long as the job lasted. He decided to take his music career more serious. He helped found the Beatfellaz.com & is still apart of 1600MusicGroup. FYI: The name “Tenah4” is “10-4” in word form, the nickname 10-4 came from his friend when he moved to GA. TENAH4: “My music is real life events and real life experiences i only talk about what i kno about, I keep it real , & i represent the younger generation of music”


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