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Click Here to Listen Now!Mixtape Titled: Jordan Pippen

The title is quite usual but slightly unique enough to set their project away from any similar named mixtapes. The mixtape itself consist of “23” tracks, I’m assuming they choose that number from the G.O.A.T Michael Jordan. (Pretty Cool)

The Project was Written & Produced by the “Beatfellaz.”
(I’ve Attached a link to their bio )

The theme of this mixtape/album seems to be related to basketball from the outside looking in, but as soon as you here the first few tracks you’ll notice it has a motivating, turned up, gritty, champion type vibe.

The Beatfellaz made the mixtape/album as if they were Jordan & Pippen themselves going by code names “Stoney Pippen” & “Tenah Jordan” they manage to create music that Athlete’s, DJ’s, Hustler’s, Stripper’s, 9 to 5 worker’s, and people who keep it real can relate to.

This project is a clear example of who the Beatfellaz are as group and it shows the potential of what they can accomplish by relating & communicating with their listeners!

Want to hear the project?!? Here’s a link to Listen Now!

See More on the Band’s Website:

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